Kids Pure Essential Oil Roll on Sleepy Head with slap band

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Sleepy Head to help you drift off to a peaceful sleep and comes with a yellow slap band. Sleepy Head Kids Pure Essential Oil blend will help you drift off to a peaceful sleep full of positive dreams

Pure Essential Oils : Mandarin Lavender Chammomile Vetiver Jojoba Oil.

  • Pure essential oils roll on 10ml 
  • Apply in a circular clockwise motion on pressure points such as; temples, behind the ears, wrists and neck.
  • Apply to felt pads and insert pad into smiley face slap band. 
  • Thereputic qualities affect both the physical body and the emotional psyche
  • Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. In the unlikely event of irritation, please discontinue use. If necessary, consult your healthcare practitioner.