Australian Sandalwood Tea Lights

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Australian Sandalwood Tea Lights made with Sandalwood from Australia. Sandalwood is native to the south west of Western Australia; it has a distinctive exotic aromalike a natural sedative, calming and relaxing. Australian Sandalwood has been used by Aboriginal people for generations as an effective mosquito repellent.   

  • Hand Made in Australia 
  • Natural Soy Wax 
  • Cotton Wick 
  • Tea Lights – Six in each box in - Clear heat resistant polycarbonate cups 
  • Approx. burn time 5 hours – each tea light 
  • Cruelty Free/Sustainable/Biodegradable 
  • Australian Sandalwood that has been Steam Distilled.  
  • Soy Wax is certified kosher and is natural wax 
  • Made with Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil.