Gift Box - Chunk Candles - with Pure Essential Oils

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Gift Box Chunk Pillar Candles in modern blue and white. This candle blend is sure to brighten up everyone’s day. 

These chunk pillars are scented with pure essential oils of fresh basil and spearmint.   Spearmint captures wild cool aroma and add the base notes of basil, you get this aromatic yet breezy and fragrance. If you love the smell of fresh spearmint with the fresh yummy aroma of fresh basil, this candle will be one of your favourites. 

Not only do these  candles look amazing you will also get the therapeutic benefits of the pure essential oils. Your mood will lift  with this uplifting lovely blend.   

These stunning chunk candles will look great in any home. 

Pure essential oils of Basil and Spearmint 

Each candle individually made. Unique and original. 

3 x pillar chunk candles  - 390grams each candle ( Candle Boxed)

Made In Australia