Gift Box - Chunk Candles - with Pure Essential Oils

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This gift box is just gorgeous. Perfect for the festive season. 

These candle have a long burn time and look stunning with their golden glow. 

Christmas Spice Pure  Essential Oil Chunk Candles

These stunning chunk candles will look great in any home. 

Pure essential oils of Cinnamon, Clove & Sweet Orange.

Perfect for the festive season and New Year Celebrations. 

Each candle individually made. Unique  and original. 

This gift box contains 

1 x Pilar candle - 390 grams

1 x round sphere candle - 330 grams

1 x chunk square - with white stars - 430 grm

1 x chunk Square - with gold stars - 430 gm

 Gift Boxed - will make a lovely Christmas gift. 

Made In Australia