Kids Gift Box - Natural Body Wash Bath Set- - with Pure Essential Oils - Australian

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Body wash for kids with pure essential oils of Lavender & Mandarin. 

The Perfect Bath wash before bed, Lavender Oil has a harmonizing effect, it is calming to the mind. It also helps relieve nervous tension, anxiety and promotes a restful nights sleep. Mandarin is known to soothe restlessness, especially in hyperactive children and may promote a feeling of ease and contentment. Add to night time bath to help your little one drift into peaceful slumber.

 Gift Box contains

1 x Natural Bath Wash

1 x rabbit scrunch

1 x white face cloth

Direction for use: Apply a small amount to bath puff and gently massage in circular motion creating a rich lather. Rinse Off 

Ingredients: purified water, laurel ether sulphate, coco diethanolamide, disodium phosphate, methyl paraben, Pure 100 % Essential Oils of lavender and Mandarin. 

 Made in Australia