Study Pure Essential Oil Blend

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Study blend of pure essential oils is ideal when needing to concentrate and remember. This blend is perfect to diffuse if your studying for exams or have a stressful report to write. Essential Oil blend Study, has oils that can enhance memory and ability to recall what you have learnt. 

  • 15ml
  • Pure essential oil blend 
  • Directions: Add approximately 6 drops of essential oil to warm water in your oil burner or vaporiser.
  • Therapeutic qualities affect both the physical body and the emotional psyche
  • Blended in Australia 
  • Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. In the unlikely event of irritation, please discontinue use. If necessary, consult your healthcare practitioner.
  • Pure essential oil blend of Rosemary, Peppermint, Sweet Orange, Lemon, Basil & Sage

    Further Reading on oils in Study Blend  

    Rosemary: Rosemary essential oil has been used for treating dementia and Alzheimer’s patients because of its ability to stimulate the body and mind. This uplifting oil is known to improve  cognitive performance and mood. Its sharp scent has been proved to enhance your ability to remember the things. Rosemary has been connected with improving memory for centuries. In ancient Greece, for example, students would wear rosemary garlands during their exams. 

    Peppermint: There is nothing quite like the scent of peppermint. It is a powerful energizer which can be used to calm the nerves, and stimulate the mind at the same time. The peppermint oil will help to keep your mind awake, improve your memory and focus your senses.

    It is a natural cure for the headaches, and it can help to improve the concentration levels, relieve you of mental fatigue and refresh your spirit.

  • Sweet Orange: Citrus essential oils have sweet fruity scents that are uplifting and have mood-boosting properties. Good when you have the exam blues. Great stress reliever.

  • Lemon: Lemon is all about cleansing, cleaning, clearing and creating anew: excellent qualities to have when focus is needed for study or work. As a cephalic it helps to focus the mind and improve our ability to memorize. As a stimulant for the hippocampus, it is known to significantly increase our ability to concentrate… therefore making lemon an essential companion for work and study! The aroma of lemon oil is good for lifting our spirits and improving our moods. This helps to remove stress, anxiety, fear and worry and make study or work a more pleasurable experience. Also as an immune stimulant and circulatory tonic, lemon has the knock-on effect of keeping us well, healthy and vibrant so we can keep going and minimize the downtime we experience when we’re unwell!

    Basil: The sweet and refreshing scent of basil can help ameliorate both poor memory and fatigue-induced distraction.

    Sage: sage essential oil can be used to calm the nerves or alleviate anxiety ,as well as to improve with cognition and memory. This oil acts as a stimulant to boost your senses without any of the crash you experience with caffeine or sugar. To increase cognitive function and improve concentration.

  • Together these oils are a great assistant tho study