Tuesday still wearing orange and burning the sacral chakra

Posted by Pauline McEvoy on

Not sure about all of you, but I had an amazing day yesterday wearing my oversized very comfy orange T-shirt. Planning my year ahead, feeling creative and energised.

So today I'm doing it all over again!! Wearing orange again, lighting the sacral candle. Working on my vision board and the added bonus today is I get to spend some time with my gorgeous little grand daughter.

I spent time in meditation this morning and have a few more visions to add to my vison board. I'm starting the process of making the visions a reality.

Yesterday was a day to talk about , visualise and explore. I spent some time with my son talking about his passions and dreams for the future. So inspiring to listen to someone speak from the heart about their vision and goals. The house was buzzing by the time he headed home.

Last night we had a lovely quiet evening, I had candles glowing and flickering ,we sat and chatted about what we want to achieve in 2017. Each year as a coupe we take the time to discuss our joint goals for the each so that we know we are working in the same direction and setting the same intentions.

As a business Hikari is really excited for 2017.  We have some great ideas and candles we want to introduce this year. We will continue with our triple scented  fragrance range and expand out essential oil range and our healing manifestation candles. We have had massive requests for the candles made with intention and we are working on some more of theses energy candles for the coming year.  

Have a wonderful day everyone