Burning Tips

The correct way to burn a candle

At Hikari Candles we really want you to get the best experience from your can- dle and the following information will help you to get the most out of your Hikari Candle.

What is a memory burn in candles?

The most crucial burn of your new Hikari Candle is its first one. This is what is known as a memory burn and this initial burn is the one that is most vital to a complete melt pool. When a candle is burning it creates a melt pool and in order to have a full melt pool where liquid wax touches every side of the container, the candle needs to have a memory of that. With a full melt pool on your candle you will get a stronger scent throw.

  • For every inch in diameter that your candle is wide, you need to gauge one hour of burn time.

  • If your Hikari Candle is 3 inches wide in diameter you should ideally burn it for three hours

  • The memory burn in the candle sets the boundaries of the melt pool

  • The candle‚Äôs melt pool will always follow the boundaries established by

    the first memory burn

  • Giving your candle its maximum memory burn will always give you a

    full melt pool resulting in a stronger scent throw.