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We are so excited to have been commission to create the LUXOR Light candle. A beautiful Healing Candle with the LUXOR energy. 

LUXOR Light Ascesnsion Twin Flame Candle

All Twin Flames have a mission and this Twin Flame candle has a mission also.

A mission to assist with the building of the LUXOR Light Healing Temple and Meditation Centre.

The LUXOR Light Healing Temple is in Luxor, Egypt, the home of the original Ascension Flame from Atlantis that is being kept alight for the Awakening of Humanity.

Part of this mission is a new Healing Clinic on the West Bank of Luxor for Egyptians enabling LUXOR Light students of healing to take part in this Ascension Mission of being service to Humanities awakening and adding to the Greater Good.

This new Home of LUXOR Light Ascension will become a place to Retreat, to learn, to find Peace and a place to come together in Harmony and Unity for the Greater Good.

Twin Flame Candle is made with quality soy wax and pure Frankisence essential oil. Two twin flame cotton wicks.

Luxor Candle commissioned by ChristinA from LUXOR Light.

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