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The 2nd December,  a great day to wear something orange, to be open to creating the life you want.

The candle we will be burning here at Hikari today is the sacral Chakra candle. We will have a meditation session to allow our energies to flow and help us create healthy, happy lives.
By spending time in meditation with our focus on creating, we will come up with wonderful ideas and we become inspired to make these creative ideas a reality.

We look forward to sharing with you our love of candles, and how they can help you in your daily lives during 2017.

Our Sacral Chakra candle is scented with pure essential oil.
The sacral chakra, referred to as the second chakra, is located below the navel in the lower abdomen. It is the centre of reproduction and creativity as well as movement and emotion.

When it’s in synch, you’re likely to feel connected to yourself and others. Your creative energy flows freely and abundantly and your sexual appetite is healthy.

The sacral chakra is your passion centre. It is the place where your sexual identity and creative identity are born. When it’s not in balance, you might feel disconnected from your body or emotions, unable to express yourself creatively or sexually. You might also feel unable to express your emotions fully.

Find sometime today to work with the energy of the sacral Chakra. Maybe you can do a meditation, or if meditating is not your thing how about wearing some orange a vibrant orange colour, to lift your spirits and open you up to the energy of creation.

Place a few items around you that are orange in colour, as you glance at them you will be reminded to be open to creative ideas and plans. Do you have any orange colour crystals lying around? Maybe an Orange Carnelian.Set up a little area with a few items orange in colour, you will be surprised how this can help balance your Sacral Chakra. Maybe sit and colour using different tones of orange. I love drawing and colouring mandalas, as these can be so healing and Calming.

Oranges, mandarins or carrots are perfect creations that will help stimulate your Sacral Chakra. How about squeezing yourself a nice ice cold orange juice and allow the cleansing juice to flow through your body's activating all your creative ideas.

There is nothing like a warm bath after a long day. I bet you didn't know that taking baths is a excellent way to balance your sacral chakra. Bathing in warm salt water ( I use sea salt) cuts energetic cords and rejuvenates your sacral chakra. Additionally, adding gemstones to your water will assist in elevating your water’s vibration.

Things to think about today,
How are you playful in your life? Try and do one thing that is fun everyday.
How are you regimented, stuck or limiting yourself with rules and expectations? So something spontaneous and allow yourself to enjoy life.
Are you making time to connect with what you desire ? Spend sometime everyday visualising how you want your life to be, imagine it to be exactly how you want it, use your creative imagination and feel the happiness and joy as you visualise your perfect life.

Have a fun creative day everyone.

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