The calming effects of candle light

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We tend to associate candles with festive occasions—gathering around a birthday cake, or enjoying a meal with someone special—but there are many calming effects of candlelight.

One of the more powerful ways to enjoy the beauty of candlelight is during a moment of stillness and solitude, when you turn off the world and tune into yourself.

There’s a reason candles are integral to religious and spiritual ceremonies the world over—the flame’s soft illumination touches the soul.

The calming effect of candlelight can be a simple yet sacred tool to help reduce stress and increase self-awareness. Bring the tranquil and restorative light of candles into your daily life.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to create the ideal safe, healthy and tranquil atmosphere using candles.

We would suggest you always choose Soy or Bees Wax for your candles.
Long-term exposure to emissions from petroleum-based paraffin wax candles may pose a health hazard, according to many studies.

Not only do paraffin candles release such unhealthy chemicals as alkenes and toluene (linked to the development of cancer and known to aggravate allergies and asthma), petroleum products are not a renewable resource. Instead, choose soy or beeswax candles, which are renewable, free of toxins and biodegradable.

Have you tried our essential oil Aromatherapy candles ?
Themolecules of essential oils [in candles] are small enough to penetrate through the olfactory system, meaning you’ll get the soothing benefits from a whiff of essential oils. Since different essential oils trigger specific reactions, pick those that have been shown to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, such as ylang-ylang, bergamot and lavender.

We do a lovely tranquil candle with a blend of Lavender, Bergamot and Cedar. Maybe give it a try next time your looking for a beautiful smelling candle with the benefits of the essential oils.

Candles can come in a rainbow of hues, which are perfect for dressing up a dinner party or backyard barbecue, but when it comes to using them to help calm and center you, stay neutral.

Plain white candles can help you to remain relaxed and to focus on the flame itself.

To stay safe, keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything flammable,
And never leave a burning candle unattended.

Here is a few suggestions for incorporating candle light into a relaxing ritual.

You may like to create your own altar making it a special place filled with a candle, and other objects of relevance that inspire or relax you—crystals, seashells, figurines, flowers and/or plants, personal mementos, photos or other images, written affirmations.
Spend a few moments each day, either as soon as you wake up, or just before bed time, sitting quietly in this space. As you sit, focus on the flame of you candle.
Notice the beauty as you relax and breathe through your nose. Inhale for six counts, hold for three and exhale for six. For stress release, turn your attention to the melting wax and imagine it as tension melting and dripping away.

The next time you are preparing to soak in the tub, turn out the lights and rely on candles instead. By combining the known stress-relieving activity of soothing yourself with warm water with calming candlelight, you give yourself a double dose of relaxation.

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If you work or study at home or if your allowed to burn candles at work consider lighting a candle on your desk, spend a few minutes focusing on its flame when you need to take a quick break from the stressors of your job. Just be sure to never leave it unattended and don’t place it too close to paperwork, plants or anything else that could be a fire hazard. Check with your employer to see if lit candles are allowed in your office; if not how about trying one of the electronic or battery operated candles.

Yoga with candle light. Do you you practice yoga, tai chi or qi gong at home, try adding a few candles to your routine. The calming effects can help you relax both your mind and your body, allowing for deeper stretches and better concentration. You may also find that sitting quietly or lying down in a candle-lit room is a great way to unwind after an intense workout.

Pleasant-smelling candles and essential oils can make a great addition to your life. The receptors in your nose pick up scents and speak to the area of your brain that is also responsible for emotions and stored memories. Lavender is a popular choice for its ability to activate certain brain cells and help you feel lulled, and scents like jasmine and chamomile can have a de-stressing effect. One study even showed that a whiff of a subjectively “relaxing” fragrance can alleviate stress-induced muscle tension.

Hope you enjoyed reading about a few way to introducing aromatherapy candles to help you relax.

Happy Tuesday everyone.


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