Candle - Soy Wax - Fragrance - Caramel Vanilla - Triple Scented

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 Caramel Vanilla a delicious and creamy fragrance. 

Top notes of vanilla , blended with luscious caramel.

When your feeling like you need some home comforts then our  "Caramel Vanilla"candle is a great candle to burn, when you want to be surrounded by the feeling of warmth and comfort, you can't go past the caramel vanilla.
The warm caramel aroma films a room, I am immediately transported back to my childhood, with the smell of coming home from school, to be delighted that my mum had been baking!
A nurturing and comforting fragrance this candle throws out some serious scent.
As with all our large fragrances candles it has a long burn time and burns evenly and is triple scented. This candle throws fragrance around the whole room within just a few minutes of being lit.
Burn time approx 80 hours 

Pure  soy wax and a cotton wick. Hand poured in Australia.