Grief Memorial Candles

Grief and Memorial Essential Oil Candles.  In times of grief Lighting a candle is one way to show that you remember someone. It is a way to show that you want to honor that person.  Lighting a candle on the day of a funeral to honour those who have passed , has been done since ancient  times. 
Grief is one of the most difficult emotions and we sometimes, find it hard to find the words to offer comfort and support to those who suffer from a loss. A candle can be a lovely meaningful gift, during these times. In times of grief- Memorial  candles can be customised or choose one of our classic labels.  
We also offer small candles or tea light that are popular for handing out at funeral.  
Our in times of grief blend has been chosen for its therapeutic qualities. A beautiful blend that will light even the darkest of days. We also offer healing of grief pure essential oil 15ml , perfect to diffuse & a Roll on blend to wear and support you during your darkest hours. Products all made in Australia 


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