Grief Candles - Memorial Candles - Funeral - In Times of Grief


Lighting a candle is one way to show that you remember someone. It is a way to show that you want to honor that person.  Making this small gesture can be quite a life changing statement both for you and for the others you hope to support during your time of loss. 

Our candles for in times of grief are all made in Australia with Soy Wax and pure essential oils.

We have our “In times of grief “ label as our standard candle for funerals and memorials . 

We also offer a personalised label service where a picture of your choosing can be created into a label including dates. This is a lovely gift for someone who is missing a loved one.  Or for use as a remembrance candle on special occasions. We can also make smaller candles and tea lights that can be given to those attending funerals .


We have chosen a essential oils for the memorial funeral candle that have known thereputic qualities. A beautiful blend that will light even the darkest of days.


we also offer healing of grief pure essential oil 15ml . Great to wear and diffuse to help cope during the grieving process.