Melts Soy Wax - Best Throw - Natural - Australian

Soy Wax Melts

Just pop a square of the melt into the top of an oil burner and enjoy as the fragrance permeates through your home. Our melts come in our favourite Fragrances or our aromatherapy Essential oils.

Perfect for your favourite oil burner. Each block will give approximately 10 hours of fragrance. Once the fragrance dulls, simply wait for the melt to cool, flick it out and add another. Our melts come in a re-sealable pack.

Available in the following fragrances 



French Vanilla

Coconut Lemon & Lime

Christmas Spirit - cinnamon , orange & cedar - Hikari own blend

Three Wise Men - Frankincense Sandalwood Myrrh - Hikari own blend

Friendship ( French pear & Vanilla Hikari own blend )

Cherry Blossom

Basil Lime & Mandarin

Honey Suckle Jasmine & Mandarin 

Coconut Cream

Blackberries Vanilla

Liquorice & Mint

Ambered Sandalwood


Strawberry Champange

Caramel Vanilla

Chamomile Grapefruit & Lime

Lemongrass & Ginger

Ocean Breeze

Saffron & Sandalwood

White Tea

Green Tea


Pineapple & Coconut

Persian Lime & lemongrass

Sandalwood & Paychouli 



If you can choose from any of the above list. Please write  at check out the fragrance you would like.