Candle Care & Safety

How to get the best and safest results from your Hikari Candles

  •  Never leave burning candles unattended

  • Never place a candle near any combustible material

  • Container candles may become hot. Always handle with care and wait until they cool before moving

  • Never place candle directly onto a table or piece of furniture or any other surface that may be subject to damage

  • Make sure you place your candle on a stable heatproof surface

  • Always keep candles out of reach of children and pets

  • Candles burn best in still air so try to avoid draughts

  • If you cannot avoid draughts turn your candle every now and then to encourage even burning

  • Always trim and centre the candle wick to 6mm before lighting 

  • Remove any wick debris

  • Trimming the wick encourages an even burn 

  • The best way to trim the wick is with a wick trimmer 

  • Before extinguishing your candle ensure there is an even melt pool which extends to the edge of the jar. This will help your candle to burn down evenly and will also prevent tunnelling

  • Burn your container candle for no longer than three to four hours at any one time

  • Your candle needs time to re-solidify after each burn so wait for it to solidify before trimming the wick

  • You do not want the candle container getting too hot, so four hours is the maximum burn time recommended, depending on the size of the candle

  • When the candle has burnt down to approximately 2cm from the bottom of the container, it is time to discard it (the exception being Tea-lights which are designed to burn until they self extinguish)

  • Store you candles in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and in an upright position

  We hope you enjoy your candles as much as we enjoyed creating them.