Root Chakra Candle

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 Root Chakra Soy candle. Chakra candle with pure essential oils and natural soy wax. Root Chakra Candle in quality white natural soy wax to keep the product free from additives. Each candle contains seven cleansed and charged crystals. Root Chakra Candle comes boxed and each Root Chakra Candle come with its own affirmation card that relates to the specific chakra. Root Chakra Sanskrit Name is  Muladhara. The Root Chakra is located in the Lower Abdomen. Root Chakra is associated with the colour red and the element of Earth. Our Root Chakra Candle is fragranced with 100% pure Patchouli essential oil. As the foundation for the remaining six chakras, balancing the Muladhara chakra before any of the upward chakras is a very good place to start. The Crystal associated with the Root Chakra is Red Jasper. Each candle is loving and carefully poured by hand in Australia. 

Chakra Candle boxed & comes with an Affirmation card with Chakra Symbol on reverse side of card.

Made in Australia 

Quality Soy Wax with pure essential oil patchouli and a cotton wick 

Each Candle Measures

Dimensions: base diameter 58mm
Jar Outer Diameter 52mm
Height with lid 73mm
Holds 55 gms wax approx.