1. Chakra Candle - Root

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Chakra soy candles. Each box a contains a  card with a short description and an affirmation that relates to the specific chakra.
Each candle contains seven cleansed and charged crystals. 

Sanskrit Name: Muladhara

Location : Base of Spine

Colour: Red

Element: Earth 

Essential Oil: Patchouli 

The root chakra is the first chakra and is the chakra to focus on when you need grounding in your life. 

The root chakra provides the foundation on which we build our life. It supports us in growing and feeling safe into exploring all the aspects of life. It is related to our feeling of safety and security, whether it’s physical or regarding our bodily needs or metaphorical regarding housing and financial safety.

If blocked a variety of ailments can occur from blockages,  including anxiety disorders, fears, or nightmares, adherents say. Physically, the first chakra is associated with problems in the colon, with the bladder, with elimination, or with lower back, leg, or feet issues.


As you light your base chakra candle say the following affirmation:

In all areas of my life I am very grounded and stable. I am secure. I am strong. I am prosperous. I am healthy. I am balanced. All is well in my world.

Each Box includes:

  • 1 x Pure Soy Wax Candle scented with 100% pure patchouli Oil. With seven cleansed and charged crystals. 

  • 1 x Affirmation card with Chakra Symbol on reverse side of card.

size information. 

Dimensions:base diameter 58mm
Jar Outer Diameter 52mm
Height with lid 73mm
Holds 55 gms wax approx