Arch Angel Candle Jophiel

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Arch Angel Jophiel candle. Jophiel is the Archangel that resonates with wisdom. He guides you to heal yourself from negative emotions of, anger and rage. He can help if you have controlling issues, and connects you instead to calmness and acceptance.  

Jophiel is the Angel of Illumination and can help you to connect to your higher self and show you the right way when difficult decisions need to be made. 

  • Arch Angel Jophiel: "God's Beauty" The Arch angel that resonates with wisdom. 
  • Associated Colour: Yellow 
  • Associated Chakra: Solar Plexus 
  • Crystal: Citrine 
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend: Sweet Orange, Bergamot, Frankincense 
  • Boxed with an information card relevant to Archangel Jophiel
  • Made in Australia 
  • Natural Soy Wax 
  • Cotton Wick 
  • Dimensions: H73mm x D52mm