Arch Angel Candle Michael

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We could all use the Arch Angel energy in our lives. The Arch Angel Michael candle is candle to evoke the feeling of protection. Like Arch Angel Micheal is the angel to call upon when ever you feel you need protection, the Arch Angel Micheal candle is a way to set your intention to connect to this energy. Set your intention to feel secure, protected and steady. Allow this feeling to embrace you and feel the energy as you focus on these feelings. Many times, in our lives we may feel we need some added protection and Archangel Michael is the perfect Angel energy as he stands for protection and strength. The 100% pure essential oil blend in the Archangel Michael candle have been chosen for their ability to calm, help you feel supported and stronger. Essential oils are known for their versatile effect on physical and mental health. Use the Arch Angel candle as a tool to evoke feelings of strength and security for yourself. Arch Angel Michale Is the symbol for " He who is Divine". Light your Archangel Michael candle when needing the extra layer of protection. To help with feelings of fear. Arch Angel Michael energy can assist against any sort of physical or spiritual danger.  Spiritually Archangel Michael can help restore your faith in god and free you from self-doubt and fear.   

  • Arch Angel Michael: Angel of Protection – He who is divine   
  • Associated Chakra: Throat   
  • Associated Colour: Blue  
  • Crystal: Turquoise  
  • 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend: Bergamot, Lavender, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang 
  • Boxed with an information card relevant to Archangel Michael Candle  
  • Made in Australia  
  • Natural Soy Wax  
  • Cotton Wick  
  • Dimensions: H73mm x D52mm