Peppermint Pure Essential Oil Candle

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Pure Essential Oil Aromatherapy Candle. Fresh peppermint scent and is great for uplifting your spirits. This powerful and refreshing minty scent helps invigorate and awaken the mind. Peppermint is a stimulant so best to burn this candle in the day. 

Burn time for each candle is approximately 80 hours.

Hand Poured Perth WA

Made in Australia 

Quality Soy Wax – Cotton Wick – Pure Essential Oil Peppermint

Candle size information on large candle 
Dimensions: base diameter 93mm
Jar height (no lid) 107mm
Jar Outer Diameter 88mm
Jar Inner Diameter 82mm
Height with lid 119mm
Holds 320gms wax approx.

medium candle approx 50hours burn time