Natural Bath Wash His & Her Set

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His & Her - Natural Body Washes - with  pure essential oils

His - Juniper, Sage, Grapefruit , sunflower 

Hers - Sunflower, tangerine, bergamot, tangerine  

 Pack 250gm His & 250gm Hers 

Good   for the planet &  Good for your skin 

Made in Australia 

Directions : Apply a small amount to damp skin or bath puff and gently massage in circular motion creating a rich lather. Rinse Off 

 ingredients : purified water,  coconut beating, coconut oil acid, sodium coconut glycinate, fatty acid isethionate sodium salt, ( based on coconut fatty acid) tocopheryl acetate, ( vit-e antioxidant) O’Leary europaea oil ( olive) benzoyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerine, sorbitol acid ( preservative) ascorbic acid, (vit - c) citric acid, curcumin longa ( turmeric) trigonella fienum- graecum (fenugreek)