Aromatherapy Tea Lights Tranquil Blend Natural - Bergamot, Lavender and Cedar - Australia

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Aromatherapy soy Tea Lights - Tranquil blend of Bergamot Lavender and cedar. Calling and real axing aroma .
An aroma perfect candle to burn in your living areas.
Bergamot helps life flow more easily, eases stress and tension in mind, body and soul. Lavender is calming, relaxing and balancing eases anger and frustration, and Cedar can be a help if you’re feeling generally lethargic, anxious and lacking in concentration. Its intense woody, earthy aroma can help sustain and ground you in times of sudden change or crisis, bolstering your confidence and resolve.These three  oils blended together are Tranquil.  

  • Made in Australia
  • Box of 6 Tea Lights
  • No phthalates, synthetic or artificial fragrances, chemicals, lead, or paraffin.
  • Natural Soy Wax
  • Cotton Wicks
  • Burn time for each tea light candle is approximately four hours

Light your candles and enjoy the ambience created by the flickering flame.