Tea Lights Soy Fragrance Caramel Vanilla

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Tea Lights soy wax with Caramel Vanilla a delicious and creamy fragrance. An fragrance that is perfect for when your feeling like you need some home comforts.  Burn this amazing strong throwing candle when you want to be surrounded by the feeling of warmth and comfort, you can't go past the caramel vanilla. The warm caramel aroma films a room, It immediately transports back to childhood, with the smell of coming home from school, to be delighted by what had been baked that day.  A nurturing and comforting fragrance this candle throws out some serious scent.

Top notes of vanilla , blended with luscious caramel. 6 tea lights per box - approx burn time of each tea light is 4 hours 

Pure  soy wax and a cotton wick. Hand poured in Australia.