Christmas Shapes Soy Wax Fragrance

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Christmas Soy Wax Shapes will make your space smell amazing. Hang them from your Christmas tree or around your house. Christmas aromas. 

Use: Place is a small area like a cupboard or pantry, to maximise scent. Hang them indoors, a great way to fragrance a space.  Simply hang in a wardrobe or in your bathroom or even just put them in a drawer for a beautiful refreshing scent.

Aroma will last around 2 - 3 months. They can then be broken up into small pieces and placed know a wax burner. 

Click drop down box to choose shape.

Christmas Tree : Fragranced with Christmas Spirit blend of cinnamon, sweet orange & cedar. 

Bell 1: Fragranced with Ginger Bread 

Bell 2: Fragranced with Champagne & Strawberry perfect for celebration and family gatherings.

Made in Australia 

NB: Designed for use in small spaces such as dressers, closets, on door handles. Must be kept out of direct sunlight and stored at room temperature. Do not place in cars.