1. Chakra Candles Collection Soy Set

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Chakra Candles - Set of the seven luxurious chakra candles in this series. These candles have been infused with Rieki energy have been created with the intention of balancing your chakras , quietening the mind as you gaze at the flickering flame and repeat the affirmation. A quality  healing set of candles. 

Pure soy wax candles each individually boxed candle comes with a short description and an affirmation . Each candle contains seven crystals cleansed and charged. 

Each candle is white to keep in line with the purity of the soy wax and scented with the pure essential oil of the relevant Chakra.

Root - Patchouli 

Sacral - Ylang Ylang 

Solar Plexus – Peppermint

Heart - Rose Geranium

Throat: Lavender

Third eye- Cedarwood

Crown – Frankincense

A delightful Chakra Set .  

Each individual Chakra box includes:

  • 1 x pure soy wax candle  with Chakra symbol .

  • 1 x Affirmation card with Chakra Symbol on reverse side of card.

A great set for healing and balancing your chakras.

each candle size 

Dimensions:base diameter 58mm
Jar Outer Diameter 52mm
Height with lid 73mm
Holds 55 gms wax approx