Happiness Co Pure Essential Oil Set

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Essential Oil Roll on set based on emotions support. Happiness Co - Essential Oil Roll On set.  Six essential oil blends in a boxed set. Each individual oil comes with a card with a happiness co quote .
A quality set of oils and a must have for all. Wear the oil blend you are drawn to on any particular day. Lift your vibration with the therapeutic benefits of these amazing blends . 

As an added bonus when you buy these oil blends you help others at the same time. Happiness Co uses funds raised from their products to continue to help others, so your purchase is part of a bigger cause. Our mission to impact 10 million lives 10 years. Everyone deserves happiness. 

Our six blends are 

Belief - With self belief anything is possible. Belief helps bring out our personal power to create a sense of trust self.
Pure Essential Oils: Basil Black Pepper Juniper Eucalyptus Peppermint Patchouli Geranium Lemon

 Gratitude-Gratitude helps make what we have enough. Gratitude helps create a sense of hearfelt appreciation for the things in our lives.  
Pure Essential Oils : Lemon Lavender Ylang Ylang Sandalwood Jasmine Peppermint Jojoba.

 Confidence- With Confidence, you have won before you have started. Confidence can help you face everyday struggles and setbacks making you feel confident, centered in your actions.  
Pure Essential Oils: Frankincense Clove Peppermint Lavender Grapefruit Nerolina , jojoba oils.

 Happiness- Happiness is a journey not a destination. A radiant blend of oils renowned for being strengthening, uplifting and euphoric. 
Pure Essential Oils: Bergamot Jasmine Lavender Patchouli Lemon & Jojoba Oil.

 Love - loving yourself allows others to love you. Those fun, warm fuzzies will keep your love flowing strong, think warm, tenderness wrapped in a hug. 
Pure Essential Oils: Sandalwood Geranium Ylang Ylang Clary Sage Rosewood Lavender Grapefruit Jojoba Oil.

 Relax - Relaxing is giving your stress wings to fly away . Relax is a blend used to help relax the mind and destress the body creating a whole mind body experience.  
Pure Essential Oils: Lavender Marjoram Vetiver Orange Bergamot Ylang Ylang Clary Sage Spearmint & Jojoba Oil.

Boxed Set includes 
1 of each 10ml Happiness Co Roll On with a card for each blend with a Happiness co quote 

1 x Belief 

1 x Gratitude

1 x Love

1 x Relax

1 x Happiness 

1 x Confidence 

Essential Oils can affect both the physical body and the emotional psyche

These blends will benefit your general well being, lifting mood and vibration. 

Apply to the wrists, and feet  and pulse points . 

No synthetic fragrances just pure essential oils in a jojoba oil base. The perfect alternative to, chemical-laden fragrances with mystery ingredients.

  • Pure Essential Oil blend  with a convenient roll-on 
  • Made with moisturizing jojoba oil.

Made In Australia 

 *** Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. In the unlikely event of irritation, please discontinue use. If necessary, consult your healthcare practitioner.

It is important to consult with a medical practitioner before using Essential Oils during pregnancy or on babies.

What is jojoba oil - we use jojoba oil as the carrier oil in our roll on. Jojoba is natural derived from a plant. jojoba oil is mainly used for small-scale applications such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.Jojoba is the liquid produced in the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis.