Hampton’s Themed Candle Range - Blue Classic Knob Jar - Triple Scented Soy Wax Fragrance Candle- luxury

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Hampton’s Themed Candle Range -Elegant Classy Bowl Candle - triple scented soy candle candle . 

Choose your fragrance from either 

Saffron & Sandalwood - An exotic and soothing scent that comprises citrus, saffron, jasmine and violet. Just gorgeous.


Honey Suckle Jasmine . The floral scent of wild honey suckle and a touch of jasmine is sure to tempt those who love their florals. 


Saffron & Sandalwood- 

top notes - Saffron  & Bergamot 

middle notes- Jasmine & Violet 

bottom notes- Sandalwood & Patchouli 



Made in Australia