Heal The World Aromatherapy Intention Candle

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Natural soy wax aromatherapy manifestation candle “Heal the World”. A Candle created with the intention to cleanse a space or environment of negative energy, to generate wisdom and clarity, and to promote healing. Let’s set the intention together to clear and send out heal energy to each other and the whole world. If there is a lot of negative energy in your space and your aura, it's going to bring you down in every aspect of your life.

Those low vibes can leave you feeling more stressed, more exhausted, more anxious, and generally grumpy and cranky. Pure Essential Oils of are Sage and Lavender. These oils combined are a great way to banish negativity and really bring home the good vibes. 
Pure Essential Oils are therapeutic and can be used both to clear negative energy in a space and to raise the vibration of the people within that space. Sage as a clearer has its roots in Native American tradition. Lavender is a known for being soothing and calming, so it makes sense that it also gets rid of negative energy. It can help lift a depressive mood by bringing feelings of harmony and happiness. Intention is everything with this ritual, so before you light up, ask yourself what you’re trying to purify and/or heal from or release — in your space and in yourself.

Made in Australia - Quality Soy Wax & 100% Pure Essential Oils  - Available in Large , Medium and Small.