Fertility Aromatherapy Candle Blend

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Fertility Candle is a candle created with the intention of producing an atmosphere of hope, relaxation and peacefulness.  The fertility candle combines fertility enhancing essential oils. Healing and comforting oils, to encourage one to be open to the possibility of so much more. The Fertility Manifestation candle can help you to create the energy that is required for you to see your goals grow and become realities. 

The label on the fertility candle is based on sacred geometry symbols. Sacred geometry is the blue print of creation and is an ancient science. The ancients believed that the experiences of sacred geometry were essential to the education of the soul. They knew that these patterns and codes were symbolic of our own inner realm and the subtle structure of awareness.  Through sacred geometry we can discover the inherent proportion, balance and harmony that exists in any situation. We can use this sacred geometry to help us manifest feelings of hope, peace and healing 

  • Premium natural Soy Wax Candle  
  • Made in Australia  
  • Scented Pure Essential Oils to support  
  • No lead or paraffin only natural products 
  • Cotton Wick 
  • Large Classic Jar 
  • Approx. burn time large classic candle 80 hours. 
  • No lead or paraffin 
  • Finished Weight approx. 990grm. 

Candle is placed inside a calico bag & boxed in a white box  

With keep sake metal charm (chosen at random)