Tea Lights Soy Coconut, Lemon & Lime

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Coconut, Lemon and Lime Tea Lights are made with soy wax and a lovely blend of the juicy citrus fruits lemon and lime, with a delicate hint of creamy coconut and blended with vanilla and sandalwood. These scents remind us of summer days and the smell of freshly squeezed lime over a salad, or cool icey drinks with a slice of added lime. Clinking glasses with friends celebrating and relaxing.  A great candle to burn when you are entertaining guests and want to create a relaxing ambiance while sharing a meal or enjoying a few drinks.

Box of 6 White Tea Lights. 

Burn time for each tea light candle is approximately five hours.

Made in Australia and hand poured into each tea light and made with the highest quality soy wax.