Aromatherapy Candles ILM

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Aromatherapy Pure Essential Oil candles. Increase feelings of well being with this luxury range of candles.  Pure and natural candles. Scents are experienced long before words. Choose from Happiness Candles, Inspirations candles, Relaxation candles or Restoration candle blends. These luxury candles are perfect in salons, day spas and therapeutic studios, or for anyone conscious about health and wellbeing. Aromatherapy candles create a luxury ambience. Experience the therapeutic benefits of essential oils with these high-quality aromatherapy candles. Stunning aromas to enhance mood and lift vibrations. Available in four amazing blends .

Happiness : Feel the therapeutic benefits of this amazing blend. Lifts your spirits, increasing feelings of joy, contentment and fulfilment.

Inspiration: Increase wellbeing and allow your mind to open to the possibilities of so much more, let the creative energies start to flow.

Relaxation: Let your stresses melt away, Allow your body and mind to release all tension and anxiety.

Restoration: Calming and Nurturing, re create feeling of control and balance. Great blend to apply when your feel you have lost direction, purpose and you need a positive boost.  

  • Made in Australia 
  • Pure Essential Oils 
  • Cotton Wick 
  • Large Classic Jar 
  • Approx.  burn time large classic candle 80 plus hours. 
  • Natural Soy Wax 
  • No lead or paraffin 
  • Finished Weight approx. 990grm.