Lemon Pure Essential Oil

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Lemon Pure Essential Oil 15ml

Uplifting Aroma a  Cold Pressed Lemon Essential Oil can help to soothe and relieve headaches and migraines, boost mental alertness, clear the mind and improve decision making. You’ll find it’s very useful in times of mental fatigue, making Lemon Essential Oil a must-have for studying.

Lemon essential oil is an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial ingredient that can help you boost your mood, find mental clarity, reduce stress.

Never apply lemon oil directly to your skin without a carrier oil.

Note:  Top

Method of extraction:  Cold Pressed
Plant part:  Peel / skin
Strength/Intensity:  Medium
Country of Origin: Spain
Standard:  Aromatherapy

  • Directions: Add approximately 6 drops of essential oil to warm water in your oil burner or vaporiser.
  • Thereputic qualities affect both the physical body and the emotional psyche
  • Warning: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. In the unlikely event of irritation, please discontinue use. If necessary, consult your healthcare practitioner.