Love Crystal Set

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Gift of love - A gorgeous set for those who need some self love or want to show love.  Crystals, oils and flower all chose for their connections to love. 

Set includes -
1 x Aromatherapy Rose Geranium 15 hour Extra large Tea light with petals & clear Quartz crystals.

1 x Rose Quartz Tumble
1 x Selenite Piece

The oil- Rose Geranium, Highly regarded for its balancing effects on both mind and body, the benefits of Rose Geranium Essential Oil have been seen to help ease stress, anxiety, depression. Lifts the heart vibrations.

The Crystal Meanings.
Rose Quartz tumble the crystals of unconditional love and infinite peace. It is the most important stone for the heart and it teaches the true essence of love.

Selenite piece - excellent crystal for clarity and clearing blockages. Selenite is great in enhancing the properties of other crystals, as well as clearing and charging them.

Clear Quartz Chips- Known as the master healer. Clear Quartz to heal & restore An energy amplifying crystal. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy. It is excellent for assisting energy blockages.


The Rose Petals - Rose flower for love, passion, romance, beauty, discretion, elegance, luxury, and sensuality.