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Easy Recipe For A Room Air Freshener - Make you home fresh and smelling amazing

With a lot of us staying home at the moment, we may be looking for ways to freshen up our home. Beware of what ingredients are in the air fresheners your spraying around. If possible choose natural products that actually help our health not harm it.


Here is a super simple and easy recipe to make a homemade air freshener spray. Many air freshener sprays you can purchase at the store contain a lot of harmful chemicals. We stay away from them as much as we  so we aren’t breathing in things that are bad for us.

Easy Recipe 

2 teaspoons witch hazel or vodka or white vinegar

20-30 drops of essential oils of your choice

60ml Water ( we used distilled but cooled boiled water will also be fine)

simply mix the essential oils and witch hazel/vodka,  then pour it into a spritzing bottle.  Next add the water and shake well.  

Now your all ready  - Spray around house and office.


Some blend suggestions - you can choose any oils you love the smell of.


For Living Areas 


20 - drops sweet orange

10 - drops rosemary

5 -  drops Clove


Or a citrus blend


10 drops sweet orange

5 drops lime

10 drops lemon

5 drops grapefruit


For Bedrooms -  help to catch some much needed sleep



15 drops Lavender

5 drops  vetiver

2 drops cedar wood


10 drops lavender

2 drops vanilla

5 drops chamomile



For Bathrooms and Laundry


8 drops Eucalyptus

6 drops wild orange

4 drops lavender


For Linen Cupboard ( good to freshen up carpets as well)


15 drops lavender

10 drops bergamot